Opening Pool for Summer: an Annual Activity

Opening Pool for summer: an Annual Activity - Opening pool for summer can be said as an annual activity at desain rumah minimalis. It is usually happens when the summer or warm weather is approaching. This kind of activity is done by some home owners with swimming pool to spend their weekend day in the summer. Some of them are hiring the experts to do the job, while the others do this job by themselves. Actually, we should only do some steps in opening the pool for summer.

The first thing should we do in opening pool for summer is removing the pool cover. It can be done by removing the leaves or by pumping standing water off the cover. After the cover is removed, then clean it and let it dry. After that, add water to bring the level up to normal operating level. Clean the filter if it is dirty, and if it is not you may start your filter system. Make sure to purge all the air from the plumbing and equipment. When you do this procedure, the air will be compressed, so make sure to release any built up pressure before opening your chemical feeder, pump, or filter. You can also read about Pool deck for roudn pool in this site.

After that, check the leaks, asses the pool itself. All of dirt, algae, sand, or other small debris should be removed by vacuumed. After it is cleaned, you may install the ladders, handrails and other equipment. Finally, clean the tile lines by using baking soda. When, you have done these all, it means that your activity of opening pool for summer is finished.